Guardians Of Orion

The Spiritual Successor and Prequel to the multi-platinum indie hit ORION: Prelude

‘Guardians of Orion’ is a Hyper-Adrenaline, Sci-Fi Shooter featuring Dinosaurs and Robots focused on Accessibility, Over-The-Top Gameplay, Power-Ups, 4-Player Survival Co-op Multiplayer, Destruction, Gibs, Gore and more!

‘Guardians of Orion’ is the Spiritual Successor and Prequel to the multi-platinum indie hit: ‘ORION: Prelude’.

We are beginning the roots in a Top-Down Perspective. Over time, ‘Guardians of Orion’ will evolve into new experiences and perspectives making it *the* Shooter To Own.

The ‘Early Access’ version will be priced lower than the ‘Official Version’ and will increase in price as content is added.



Launching with the wave-based Survival

10+ Weapons & Gear

Launching with a variety of Weapons & Gear ranging from your typical ballistic weapons such as Pistols, SMG’s, Shotguns and Rifles.

Gibs, Gore & Fatalities

We’ve added a new level of gore to the game, including detachable limbs and pools of blood in addition to finisher moves.

Progression & Loadouts

Featuring Skill TreesUnlocks and in-game Achievements.

Robot Drone Warfare

Introducing brand new enemy types.  This is the first time you’ll be meeting Grumps, Hummer and Bones!

10 Dinosaurs/Creatures

Fight a variety of wild life, including the T-Rex, Triceratops, Raptors and even brand new species like the Kruger and Jeckyl.

Power Ups

Find rare power ups through out the game that give you a temporary boost, including Power, Speed, Resistance, Firing Rate and more!

3 Player Classes

We are launching with three unique Player Classes (Guardians) and are going to be adding more over time.

Steam Launch Trailer

Steam Launch Trailer

Early Access Trailer

Early Access Trailer

Next-Gen Technology

Next-Gen Technology

New Dinosaur/Robot Shooter on Steam

New Dinosaur/Robot Shooter on Steam

Steam User Reviews

“So, what is this game like? Halo + Turok + Killing Floor. You’ve got your standard pistols, machineguns and shotguns and then you get your rocket launchers, laser guns and heavy weapons. Each class has their own special abilities like Jetpacks, cloaking and healing beams, all which can be augmented to be more effective. You can also level your classes for better performance like in Killing Floor which lifts the burden of having to buy certain augments and use that money for other things. You’ve got player vs dinosaurs, player vs player dinosaurs, player vs player, player vs harder dinosaur waves and Conquest which is coming up soon.” 
Lizard (Steam User Review)
“O:P reminds me a bit of those classic, simple shooters like a Serious Sam or Left 4 Dead, but with a bit of high-tech sci-fi flavor. This future-tech feel across the game contradicts the jurassic era dinosaurs & remote wilderness landscapes nicely! O:P is not as complex mechanically or technically when compared to a top end AAA FPS, but its simplicity is also its underlying strength. It is great value ($1!), has strong replayability and the focused, balanced gameplay(some bonus ..ahem.. querks) offers a truely fun & intense, dino killin’ co-operative survival experience!”
AussieDroid (Steam User Review)
“This game started as disaster with a good idea. With the newest Update a lot has changed and it needs a review from all the bad voters…. it tooks a while but the devs made the effort to finish their product (not like many other bigger studios out there) Worth gaming. Worth buying.


Yesiimov (Steam User Review)
“The game is awesome, I’ve never seen a dev team update a game this much. Since release they added lots of weapons, maps, game modes, dinosaurs…”
SpiderGMan (Steam User Review)
“You can fight a T-Rex in a mech. That’s all you should need to know, unless you live a small, sad existence.”
>f7> last dinosaur (Steam User Review)
“”Well its only a dollar, how good can it be?”
16 hours later…
UpTuk (Steam User Review)
“This game? This game is awesome. It costs only 0.79$. Thats pretty cheap for a game like that.
Lots of features, funny gameplays, multiplayer matchmaking super fast and lots more.
Verry nice co-op with friends. Totally worth the money. Buy it!”
Cophen (Steam User Review)
“ORION: Prelude is a game for every dinosaur lover, Star Wars fan, Jurassic Park fan or a Halo fan. I recommend it to everyone of those people from the list above! My rating for this game is 10/10. Keep up the good work!” 
Moewest (Steam User Review)
“I played this game on a 3-day weekend in 2013, I can’t tell you how much I absolutely loved the game.

Recently I’ve been thinking back to it and wondering “What am I doing with my life to not have baught this yet?”
Then it hit me, I NEED to buy it, so I did and it was the best choice I ever made, the game is amazing, and insanely fun to play.

For anyone who loves epic battles and insane weapons, I reccomend you buy this game immediatly.” 

Silver Thorn (Steam User Review)